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Park of forest of country of channel of 9 stockaded village
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20 centuries 70 time, a flock of now and then the lumberjack that enter discovered this elfland, lumberjack knife issues show mercy, left this forest, become park of forest of country of channel of 9 stockaded village, became a state 1982 first key scenery scenic spot area, and be labelled again national nature groove guard; Was brought into by U.N. Educational 1992 " directory of world natural heritage " , was brought into again 1997 " person and network of biosphere " protection, picked 2001 take " green round-the-world 21" laurel, become the world to win the travel beauty spot of 3 international laurel exclusively.

Autonomous prefecture of the A dam Tibetian that the park is located in Sichuan northwest ministry, the Qiang nationality churchyard of county of channel of 9 stockaded village, be located in south Min mountain mountain range north of peak of accept of Duan Ga Er thes foot of a hill or mountain, it is fountainhead of Jia Lingjiang of water system of the Yangtse River raises channel, altitude 2000 - 4300 meters. Get a name because of there is 9 Tibetians village inside channel.

Channel of 9 stockaded village already opened a tree, day criterion, check depression, be like,plunge into line of 4 travel scenery, grow 60 more than kilometer, landscape distributings in the tree, cliff of Nuorilang, sword, long sea, be like,plunge into, area of Tian Hailiu great respect, with 3 channel 118 seas are a delegate, include 5 beaches 12 waterfall, 10 shed the water scene such as tens of springs to be main tourist attraction, with 9 stockaded village 12 peaks comprise landscape of nature of high mountain river valley jointly. Picture of the four seasons is attractive. The content that use plant is resourceful, phyletic and various, virgin forest is spread all over, wear habitat giant panda more than 10 kinds rare with rare wild animal. Far Wang Xuefeng is bristly, topping Yun Tian, white snow of all the year round is pure white, add Cang Jiamu long narrow flag of classics of building, drying rack, landing stage, mill, tradition is consuetudinary the humanitarian landscape that reachs mythological fokelore to form, be known as the " of fairy tale world of " beauty.

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